Gary Ahmed

Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller 
Gary is a first generation Egyptian-american filmmaker, photographer and freelance cinematographer. He started his filmmaking career as an intern for Harvey Hubbell V's emmy award winning, Captured Time productions and has since shot and directed feature length documentary and narrative films as well as corporate and commercial video campaigns.

Whiskey on Beer (2019)

Whiskey on Beer chronicles the career of legendary South Florida punk band LOAD, who's popularity surged in the mid 90’s mirroring a national trend toward rock alternative acts like Green Day and Smashing Pumpkins. LOAD ambitiously toured the southeastern U.S. eventually landing them on the radar of major labels, hungry for the next big thing. Unfortunately the unpredictability and recklessness that would make LOAD such a compelling act would also prove to be their downfall As their explosive rise to the top would come to be overshadowed by the tragic trajectory that followed. Directed by Gary Ahmed.